1. In 1907 the University of Missouri was a founding member of what athletic conference?
Big Seven Conference
Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association
The Big Eight
The Big Ten
2. In 1890 Mizzou played its first football game against what other school?
Washington University
3. Who until recently was Mizzou's arch rival in all sports?
Kansas Jayhawks
4. Who replaced coach Don Faurot when he retired in 1956?
Dan Devine
Frank Broyles
Chauncey Simpson
Al Onofrio
5. Hall of Fame coach Don Faurot invented what?
Split-T offense
The wishbone offense
The nickel defense
The I formation
6. In 1990 the Colorado Buffaloes beat the Tigers due to which of the following?
A fumble
A fifth down
An interception
A missed field goal
7. In 1978 the Missouri Tigers traveled to Nebraska and won 35 to 31. What year was the next Tiger victory over Nebraska?
8. Which of these former Missouri Tiger players has the most super bowl rings as a player?
Chase Daniel
Johnny Roland
Eric Wright
Tony Galbreath
9. What is the worst defeat by points that the Missouri Tigers had during the 20th century?
49 to 3
56 to 0
69 to 0
77 to 0
10. What was the final play in the final game with Don Faurot as coach?
A touchdown
A safety
A field goal
A sack